Delicious Pear Crisp With Almonds

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pear crisp

I’ve wanted to make a pear crisp for years! My old-fashioned apple crisp recipe has been a go-to for decades and is one of my most popular posts. I first found that vintage recipe in a little cookbook that was put together by the employees of a local bank somewhere around 1967.

So why haven’t I made a pear crisp until now? The pear season where we live falls right between sweet corn and apples, and just a little while after, the peaches are the best and most plentiful. I’m usually busy freezing and canning the other items, and the pears come and go while I’m not paying attention.

Let me tell you, this turned out so delicious; I’ll never make that mistake again! This is a lovely dessert to welcome fall. Soft, juicy pears nestled under a buttery oatmeal and almond topping that tastes amazing! Great with a scoop of ice cream on a still-warm serving of this yummy crisp!

Pear Crisp With Almonds

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