Amazing Oreo Dirt Cake

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This Oreo Dirt Cake is the ultimate dessert for chocoholics like my mom and brother. If there were ever a dessert that pushed the limit of too much chocolate, this one would be a top contender.

Get this; chocolate fudge cake, hot fudge topping, dark chocolate pudding, and crushed Double Stuf Oreos. Oh, and I might mention a whole tub of whipped topping for good measure!

This chocolate dessert is cool, dense, moist, and ever so rich. Please keep this cake in the refrigerator. Don’t be surprised when your resident chocoholics slink around late at night to dip a spoon in it.

They cannot resist another sneaky bite of Oreo dirt cake. Until it’s gone, they will stop at nothing to get another covert taste to satisfy their need for a chocolate fix. (By the way, there is no twelve-step program for this addiction.)

Amazing Oreo Dirt Cake Recipe

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